National Certificate Occupationally-Directed Education Training and Development Practices (NQF 6)

Purpose of Qualification

This qualification is designed for those who are qualified at Certificate, Diploma or Degree level within the Higher Education and Training (HET) band in an academic or occupational area, and wish to act in a variety of ETD related roles at a high level. This Certificate will enable a person to achieve recognition for ODETPD competencies at a high level without needing to acquire a Degree in ETD.

Overview (Total Credits: 145)

Career Focus

  • Learning, Design and Development

  • Learning Facilitation

  • Assessment

  • Strategic Management • Quality Assurance

  • Skills Development Facilitation

  • Standards Setting and Qualification Design

Accredited By


Admission Requirements

Certificate or Diploma at least at level 5


Learners can move horizontally by achieving the credits specified in the following qualifications:

  • ID 20159: “National Diploma: ABET Practice”, NQF Level 5.
  • ID 20160: “Certificate: Education”, NQF Level 5.
  • ID 49710: “National Diploma: Development Practice”, NQF Level 5.
  • ID Post-Graduate Certificate: Education Level 6. Bachelor: Education Level 6.
  • ID20485: Degree ABET Practice Level 6.

Assessment of Programme

Assessment is conducted as both a Formative Assessment and a Summative Assessment. The Formative Assessment is covered as continuous assessment tests and compilation of a Portfolio of Evidence by the student. The Summative Assessment takes place as a national summative exam for first and second semesters. It is compulsory for all students
to complete work integrated learning for completion of
the programme

Course Structure

  • Skills development and related issues

  • Implementation of Skills and Learnerships

  • Strategic Governance of NQF

  • Standards for assessments & ETD

  • Evaluation instruments

  • Design and Develop Evaluation Instruments

  • Evaluate and Promote ETD Providers

  • Research assignment & Learning Framework

Learning Outcomes

  • Provide information and advice regarding skills development and related issues

  • Develop plans for implementing learnerships and skills programmes within a learning organisation

  • Provide guidance on the strategic governance of NQF implementation by ETD

  • Define standards for assessment, education, training and development

  • Evaluate a learning intervention using given evaluation instruments

  • Design and develop instruments to evaluate ETD

  • Evaluate and promote ETD providers, services and products for organisational use

  • Complete a research assignment

  • Plan and develop an organisational learning framework

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