PC Training & Business College has been home grown for over 33 years

In reigniting the brand PC Training and Business College, the standalone entity, trading as PC Educational Holdings (Pty) Ltd, was concurrently renamed to PC Training and Business College (Pty) Ltd under the new ownership of Alpvest (Pty) Ltd led by Jay Ramnundlall, who was the Founder of PC Training and Business College originally. Raisha Seupersad will remain as the Managing Director for PC Training and Business College reporting to Jay and continue to oversee all her existing teams and the day-to-day operations of the business. Effective 21 September 2022, the TVET campuses and all associated operations of Richfield will trade as PC Training and Business College, completely independent of any Richfield and/or Growth-Ten Structures.


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PC Training & Business College has been home grown for over 33 years and the Brand has seized the opportunity and evolved to re-launch itself in the Technical, Vocational, Education & Training space. Market Research has shown that the PC Training and Business College Brand is powerful and has a great and deep acceptance in our rural and urban communities, corporate South Africa, SETA’s and government departments, alike. It is therefore not surprising that in carving out the TVET business unit into a standalone entity, Jay has decided to go back to PC Training & Business College roots and capitalize on the powerful brand loyalty that “PC Training and Business College” brings to the table.


The inner-city properties which were occupied by Richfield were actually owned by Lilane Property Investments, which is a sister, company of Alpvest. This transition had created a great opportunity for rebranding all existing inner-city properties, includes 49 St Georges Mall, Cape Town, 292 Anton Lembede Street, Durban, 76 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein, 13 Church Sq and 421 Church Street, Pretoria, 7 Wolf Street, Kempton Park and 100 Landross Maree Street in Polokwane as PC Training and Business College TVET Campuses. 

A new dynamic group of companies, under Jay’s leadership have now been restructured as Alpvest (Pty) Ltd and PC Training and Business College is a subsidiary company of Alpvest. The brand is positioned to once again become a market leader in the provision of affordable quality education and training meeting the needs of our new digital society and the information technology revolution, which will mandate occupational directed careers focusing on the following:

  • Artificial Intelligence Software Developer
  • 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Big Data Analyst
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Cloud Computing Administrator
  • Data Analytics
  • Coding & Robotics
  • Metaverse Integration
  • Data Science Practioner
  • ICT Internal Auditor
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